Bakaal services

  • MONEY TRANSFER : Send money with Bakaal existing network of agents in many parts of the world or simply go online or download our app to start sending money. With Bakaal You can send money now to more than 45 countries around the world. Customers can receive their money as cash pickup, mobile money or bank deposit.
  • INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCE HUB : Bakaal offers money transfer organizations the opportunity to grow and expand their business and access diverse delivery options including cash pick up, mobile money and bank deposit with a single connection to Bakaal API.
  • SYSTEMS & SOLUTIONS : Whether you are starting a new business or expanding existing business, Bakaal can help you with money transfer system complete with Android and IOS mobile applications. Bakaal money transfer system is built with the latest technology, complete with features including compliance, security and multicurrency. Book a demo with us for more details.