One of our major goals at Bakaal (We, Us, Our, Organization), is human capital empowerment, through talent identification, opportunity offers and training. Covid-19 being a challenge to all employers and employees alike, at Bakaal we view it as any adversary or calamity that has descended to the humanity at large. With due responsibility of care to both our employees / staff and customers we pledge to fully comply fully all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) from the relevant Health authorities such as Ministry of Health (MoH)

With the knowledge that COVID-19 spread between humans is being driven by droplet transmission. The virus is transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person through respiratory droplets when the sick person coughs or talks close to another person. It can also be spread by touching contaminated surfaces or objects, and then touching eyes, nose or mouth. Reference is further made to the different speakers while addressing Nations on matters of COVID-19 through which they have consistently emphasized the need to ensure strict compliance with COVID-19 prevention measures.

Rights, duties and Responsibilities of Bakaal as an employer!

  1. As an Employer, Bakaal shall collaborate with health authorities to prevent and control COVID-19 by implementing the Ministries of Health Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in all Jurisdictions in which we operate. 
  2. Cooperation between management and our staff is essential for Bakaal’s workplace‐related prevention measures. 
  3. Being an international organization Bakaal shall fully respect international labor standards on the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers in relation to occupational safety and health

What are the rights, duties and responsibilities of staff?

  1. All employees are responsible to follow the measures for occupational safety and health and infection prevention and controls established for the workplace 
  2. Staff must fully participate in trainings provided by the employer. 
  3. Staff should report to their supervisors any situation which may present or predict serious danger to their life or health.

How has Bakaal World Wide planned to prevent and mitigate COVID-19?

We have developed an action plan to prevent and mitigate COVID-19 as part of the business continuity plan. The action plan and preventive measures shall be regularly monitored and updated. All our subsidiaries are required to comply with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) applicable in their respective regulatory authorities. Below therefore are the Bakaal’s consolidated COVID-19 Prevention SOPs to be followed;

  1. Workplace hygiene shall be maintained. Hand washing facilities and alcohol-based sanitizers have been put in place for this purpose.
  2. Ensure proper signage which includes informative, precaution, mandatory and prohibitory signage on COVID-19 prevention and control measures are properly displayed in visible places in the premise
  3. All staff shall take their temperature upon arrival, and have them recorded alongside their registration in the staff attendance register
  4. All our customers shall be recorded in the visitors register, with clear details of their; Names, Nature of ID, ID number, temperature upon arrival, telephone number and place of residence.
  5. All occupants in the premise must observe social distancing (maintain a distance of approximately 2 meters) and wear appropriate face masks;
  6. Bakaal will provide necessary training to all staff on the COVID-19 prevention, 
  7. Supervisors are to report employees and clients who present with symptoms of the COVID-19 to the MoH;
  8. At Bakaal we shall Respect employee rights. Employees suffering from COVID-19 shall not be discriminated against or stigmatized but instead be supported and rendered the necessary social, spiritual and financial support where applicable.
  9. Attendance or organizing of physical Meetings, Workshops, Seminars and Training events in all our operating centers and or premises shall only be done through use of online applications like Google and Zoom. Social distance shall be a must observation in case of a quick briefing or gathering
  10. Staff who handle big volumes of correspondences and clients such as the Cashiers and Security guards are required to wear their protective gear full time and wash their hands at the very least every 30 minutes.
  11. Upon entry and re-entry to the offices/premises, all staff are required to make use of the water and soap already provided to wash their hands
  12. Any staff with flu-like symptoms shall remain at home after notifying his/her supervisor through a phone call, SMS, WhatsApp or letter. He/she should keep his/her supervisor updated;
  13. All staff are encouraged to AVOID’ hand shaking, touching of the face (eyes, nose and mouth) as well as surfaces or objects in public places;
  14. When a member of staff is confirmed to have Covid19, all staff who have been in contact with the affected Officer shall inform their Director to be tested and thereafter go into self-isolation;

These guidelines and safety measures shall be reviewed from time to time as and when need arises in line with guidance from MOH. The Compliance Officer shall notify the Directors and report any suspicious cases observed immediately to Ministries of Health using the available quick means of communication for instance toll free or what’s up

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